Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another year to wait

Entry Number: 143259,
Dear Dawn
"Thank you again for applying for the ING New York City Marathon 2007. I am sorry to inform you that, unfortunately, you were not selected in the random lottery drawing. I wish we could accept everyone, but we have to limit the size of the field to ensure a top-quality experience - and I hope you get to experience it yourself one day!"

Found out this was not my gauranteed entry year!!!!! was told I did not register in 2004!!! still had hopes of finally hitting the lottery this year!! no luck!!

How do some get in on their first entry!!! Lucky I guess

bummer!!! double Bummer!!! but I'm in next year!!!


Love2Run said...

Awww, that's tough! Watch out in '08!

ReneeMc said...
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ReneeMc said...

That sucks! It's amazing how people get in on the first try, isn't it? And then they're like "Oh, crap! I have to run the NYC marathon!" You'll take the city by storm in '08!

And I admit it, I had to remove my previous comment. Sigh. The shame.

robtherunner said...

Tough break, Dawn. There's lots of marathons out there to run in the meantime.

Mir said...

BOOO NYC. How many years have you been trying to get in? I would love to run NYC. Next year you'll have to blog all about it. :)

Dusty said...

Bummer, Bummer, Bummer!!! Do they not get that you run EVERY race on the east coast and they are going to mess that up?!

How many times have you entered? Hope you get '08!!

Thomas said...

That's so annoying, but I'm sure you'll find another marathon (or five) as compensation!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

It's very easy to get in...

...if you are retired cycling champ,
...an unemployed former rapper
...a talk-show host
...a former reality-tv contestant
...professionaly annoying (see previous entry)
...filthy rich and can buy your way in.

Otherwise, it's to the back of the line with ya!!

Sorry that a real, committed marathoner can't get in ahead of a bunch of publicity hounds...not just at all.

Ruslan said...

This is a good joke about
- retired cycling champ,
- unemployed former rapper etc.
Unfortunately we're not those guys. Don't think that a bunch of other races would be a good substitution for NY. Try it again and Good Luck in next year attempt!

Neese said...

if there was a vote you would of had mine! :) next year girl!

Dusty said...

Reading these comments makes me sad - to think of all the non-runners, non-committed, doing it to do it people that got in when someone as dedicated as Dawn didn't get in. She earned it. Sad, very sad.

Wish we could send in letters of reference for you!!

Bob Gentile said...

I agree with MIR's comment BOOOO NYC, you missed out on a dedicated runner and a race addict, Love Ya Dawn:-)

Next Year U will get um!!

~concrete angel~ said...

Hey, it's their loss...go run your sub-4 (hint, hint) somewhere else!!