Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quick one

I take such awful race photos!! but that's me proud of my skort. I did buy a new skirt this weekend. I know the difference a skort have shorts underneath. A skirt don't, so I bought racing briefs to wear with my new skirt!! and these fit much better and I love the lime green color!! and the price was right $14.99 at TJmaxx even less than the expo price!!!
I got out and did a five mile recovery on Monday then in the evening I went out with Elliott then to the gym.
This morning I did 6.5 miles pretty slow!!! I'm hoping to do some longer ones before the weekend between 8-10milers because you all know what my weekend entails!! especially this one!!! anyway happy running !!!


mtnrunR said...

yea, always nice to place in a race. I was looking at your workout schedule, pretty darn awesome.

Dusty said...

Any picture of you finishing a marathong is a GREAT picture. I don't have any of those, I find it very impressive.

Let us know how the skirt goes. I saw some of them at Target (not sure if they had skirts or skorts or both - now I'll pay attention). One of these days I'll have to give it a try.

Feminist Runner said...

Love the skirt/skort. I was wearing a skirt with shorts under it and it fell off the other day!
Great photo!

Love2Run said...

Who needs to train? If your name is Dawn. all you do is race! I agree with Dusty, any marathon finish is a great finish. Good luck with your 'training'.

GB said...

Cute picture, hot mama! I haven't run in a skort yet, just running skirts with the built in briefs. Love 'em, but they are kind of expensive.