Sunday, May 20, 2007

1st Annual Accelerate your life 5K

Would you believe I did this race today. The race was announced about two weeks ago. The race was to support the:

The Junior Navy ROTC cadets from Brien McMahon H.S. in Norwalk(Elliotts' high school) . I did this race not only to support the race director who son is also a cadet but also because I was a cadet at Norwalk High School ROTC. I was glad to be a supporter. The course was good not one of your easiest 5k but a bit hilly. The race started at 9:00 I left the race at about 9:30 because I had to get ready for Church. I later found out that I place 1st in my age group with a time of 26:02 the official results, the first woman was in my age group, she was the winner overall. The turn out was small but that is to expected for the 1st.

And before I Knew I'd placed, to support another race directors effort at 3:30 the I ran another first Annual 5k, this was an addition to The Robert Cooke Memorial Foundation Trek against skin cancer . This was really the 4th annual but it was the 1st time they added the 5k race. Normally there was the 5k walk and 5k cycle. Today all three took place. Wow it was really weird ruining in a race with bikes!!! the official results have not posted yet I will update. My time may have been 27:58? official results will tell. Whats worse than running a tough 5k in the AM

RUNNING AN EVEN TOUGHER 5k in the PM!!! how tough could an out and back be in a 5k!! but it was tough and hilly, and the sun was hot!! I forgot to take an advil before I left the house. Needless to say I was a little stiff. I left the race right after finishing also to get home and finish the dinner I'd left in the oven based on the race starting at 3:oo!!!

I'd promise Elliott we would go out also so after I checked dinner we went out and did 4.85 miles @ 15 min pace (thank God for little things)

And people if you think this is crazy wait till next weekend when I run a 5k on Sat, 5k on Sun, and a 5 miler on Mon!!!


Bill said...

Sweet! Two races in one day. Life is good

Feminist Runner said...

Nice! And placement! Wow.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

The racing machine just keeps on chuggin along. Great job!

Bob Gentile said...

DawnB:And people if you think this is crazy wait till next weekend when I run a 5k on Sat, 5k on Sun, and a 5 miler on Mon!!!
When can I call Guinness World Records...I know some kind of record is in the works here-lol

Congrats !!

robtherunner said...

This excessive racing does not surprise me one bit, Dawn. Nice job on both races and the warm down with Elliot.

~concrete angel~ said...

Great race Dawn!!

Now please take this the good way (not the bad!) -- I really think you have potential to run a good deal faster than go get 'em!!!

Dusty said...

AWESOME JOB! Winning your age group - tell me why I'm not surprised.

I agree with Bob - are you going for a record??

Mir said...

So many races, so little time. Sometimes the only way to get them all in is to do them back-to-back. :) Way to go!

GB said...

YOU are very inspiring Dawn! I can't believe the amount of races you run, in one day, and week after week! I'm in awe. Congrats on the age group win at the ROTC race. You're a stud!

olga said...

Here goes our racing queen:) Nice ones out there!