Sunday, April 15, 2007


Wow where have the time gone. I can't believe I have not posted in five days. I'm really slipping just haven't had much to say. I've been giving my best wishes to all my peeps off to Boston!! This may be the 2nd worst weather conditions since Boston 111th history. Well to all of you I wish you all the best regardless what they are predicting.

Me: been out running a few time. The runs went well and I'm feeling strong. I ran eight yesterday and thought I would do the long one this morning. Well I thought wrong, and it is fair to say never put off what can be done today until tomorrow.

On the bright side I'm thinking how well rested I'll be on Monday. For some reason I was only expecting the rain on Monday!!! what was I thinking.


Mark said...

your probably getting the NorEaster now as we sit and wait wishing it was gone by now

thanks for the well wishes, now get out there and run

Phil said...

Looks like it might be a little wet around your part of the country this week. Stay dry and get in a few good runs

Lance said...

Hey DawnB, wow, thanks for the "decent runner" credentials you gave me :) over at Harlem 26.2

I try. You look like you're a pretty good runner yourself! What do you do up your way, trails? roads? mix of both? Living in the City I am strictly a road man.

Let's hope the NorthEast dries out over the next couple of days and we can enjoy some nice temps in the 70's very soon. Good Luck to you.

Bob Gentile said...

5 days and NO posts (tisk tisk) haha it's ok Dawn :-)

Hope you are staying dry and I know you cannot wait for some better guys deserve it!! I feel bad that everyday here is Sunny & 80, I mean I can give you a few! You know I would if I could hun.

Feminist Runner said...

Dawn, we are supposed to get good weather this weekend! How will I run?

GB said...

Hi Dawn! Thanks so much for coming by my blog before Boston and wishing me well! I appreciate that. I just looked at all the races you've completed and HOLY SMOKES! You are one dedicated runner. I'm going to enjoy reading your blog regularly.