Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busy Weekend

Friday morning I did a very slow 5.2 miler in AM. This was really to conserve some energy for the races this weekend. Elliott and I did not work out in PM, we were both pretty poop!!!

Saturday I did the Law Day 5k its a small race to support summer interns and at one point after grad school(MS Counseling/HR) I wanted to go law school. The thought is still there. I almost placed in my age group it was posted that I was third and I stayed for the awards as it such a rear occasion that I would actually place. Well it turned out the positing was wrong. And the person that got third was only seconds before me. I pushed past her up a hill and was in front of her for awhile then she caught up to me. It was all my fault though we were next to each other about a 10Th of a mile out and I gave up pushing it in with her. the race was good though but I did manage to come in a how min slower than last year!! the course was the same as the Bunny Boogie starting .10 back,
8:00 1st mile
8:54 2nd mile with hill
8:34 3rd mile
7:58 .11 mil
PM with son:
5.5miles @13:45 Pace went to gym
3X18 11 nautilus
Sunday I did the 29th Minute man 10k race in Westport the race went well and again I was a whole minute slower than last year. Official time have not posted but my watch said
these are my splits for the 10K(55:10) the course was not bad just 1 real hill and a few rolling ones
PM Elliott and I went out and did 5.84 miles we average 13.5 miles did not go to gym afterwards.
6.24 miles AM @ 8.5 pace
5.84 miles PM @13.5 pace
3.11 miles AM @8.28 pace
5.45 miles pm @13.45 pace
3X18 natuilus at gym
5.26 miles AM @10.56 pace
Elliotts 1st weigh in: 3.21lbs down!!!!


Feminist Runner said...

That's a crazy weekend of racing! Well done on the near placing -- you'll get 'em next year.
Congrats to Elliot! That's a great loss.

Bob Gentile said...

Now that's more like it... The weekend & Dawn does her 2 races :-)

LOL - Race Queen You Rock!! Great JOB!!

Thomas said...

2 races in one weekend. Yes, that sounds just like you!

Well done, and next time you'll get that 3rd place.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

So you do a 5k and 10k on the same weekend and you want to go to law school too!!

I'm going to have to start doing a taper just to read your blog...

GB said...

Awesome job on the 2 races Dawn. You're hard core! And congrats to your son on his weight loss. Keep it up!

Phil said...

Still don't know how you can race a 5K and then a 10K in the same weekend, but .. you manage. I was real impressed with your 10K. Nice even miles with a big kick at the end. You took off a little fast on your 5K, but hung there in the end. Nice weekend.

robtherunner said...

Good running, Dawn! I think there is a double-marathon in your future. You're always inspiring.

Congrats to Elliot as well.

Mir said...

Nice job on those races--too bad they had to raise your hopes on your placement on that 5K. Next time!

It's never too late to go back to school--I hope one day you can go!

olga said...

Wow, somebody races doubles! These are fun, i remember that time:) Way to go!

Dusty said...

Nice race & run!! Woo Hoo!! GREAT JOB!

Kudos to Elliot!