Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wonderful Morning

Was pretty nice out there. Felt good the whole time. One hour twenty mins. Well its down to the wire. Can't wait until Tuesday get here!!!


Phil said...

Yep .. it's getting close. Nice run.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy the time with your family. It will be different next year when you're oldest is off at college.

Bob Gentile said...

Hey DawnB...Ya I am in NJ 34 degrees here now--burrrr from 75 now in FL I just checked :-( well tomorrow going to run some trails at a park up the road (Coach said I can run up to 2 hours tomorrow so that should be fun...have to bundle up a little should be around 45-50 so not that bad least NO teen degrees..

good night,


love2runcanada said...

Nice consistant miles/times will help keep up the metabolic rate so you can have more cookies! Have a nice holiday.

robtherunner said...

You must be waiting for Tuesday the 1st since there is a race on your schedule.

Feminist Runner said...

The weather is AWESOME! It's supposed to be near 60* today.

Happy Christmas to you and yours!