Friday, December 08, 2006

Have a nice Weekend

Before things get any crazier I just want to wish everyone a happy running week end I ran in almost 5oF on Thursday morning. Today I just could not force myself outside!!! Burr!!! and Double Burr!!!


Dusty said...

I couldn't get myself outside to even walk the neighborhood, so you are not alone. :) I'm still impressed that you run out there. That weather and running... the entire reason I went to college in AZ instead of Massachusetts or Maine!

Have a great weekend!

Bob Gentile said...

Geesh I just looked at the USA Map of temps on --- BURRRR.

Feel sorry for you peeps, If you look at the map ahhhhh South Florida 65 now...

Ok sorry didn't mean to rub it in DawnB but that's the exact reason I moved down here.... for HEAT!!!!

Good luck with your workouts and SANTA called me and said she hasn't lost her MOJO but asked if you want him to Double you up? :-)


Mark said...

try -15F!

Phil said...

Stay warm dawn ... spring is just around the corner.