Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Free(no title stuck out for this one)

What a great morning 52F with a little dampness in the air. Nice cooling breeze blowing across my face. Felt really good wanted it to last but I promised myself I will not over do it this week. So when I went out this morning there was just enough time to get the five miles completed. I do want to do one 10 miler so I think I will do it tomorrow.

I've been eating allot the last two weeks not sure if its just instincts, fattening up for the big day or what. But I'm tired of having people telling me I look like I've lost weight when I feel I'm at my fatest!!! Just make me want to eat more.

November 14, 2006
5.1 miles @9.40


Feminist Runner said...

It cracks me up that when your clothes get tighter people think you look thinner! It's such a visual trick.
I'm glad you're tapering a little here. And carbo-loading!

Phil said...

Hope your eating well. Don't worry what others think. I don't know if I buy the tight clothes = thin look arguement, but I imagine people just think you look great. Take the complement for what it is (a compliment)

Great week running