Friday, October 06, 2006

I feel better today

Just oat meal before I left this morning. I really don't normally eat anything before my training runs. This is something I'm trying to change. I notice for the most part I almost always eat before a race and I've decided to try it before my training runs also. I'm thinking it might help in getting a little more pep in my runs. Very rarely do I bring GU with me also unless its a really long run. I tried blok shots for the first time today and I like them. Blok shots, GU and gatorade(for the house), and cases of water, every week will bring my grocery bill up by at least 15%. I'll try it for a few weeks and see how it goes. May even go online see if I could get some of this stuff bulk.

My run this morning went well. I try not to over do it on Fridays because I'm never sure what I may decide to do on a Saturday : race or not race?. But today I felt good and it was nice and cool so I went ahead and did 10 miles averaging about 10:20 pace and walked after for additional 1.5 miles.

To all who is racing this weekend have a great race!!!

October 6, 2006
10 miles @ 10:20 pace
1.5 walked miles


susie said...

I think it is so cool that you can just decide if you want to race or not, without building up for it and training. That's the sign of a strong runner!!
Thanks for your good wishes, Dawn.

Feminist Runner said...

I don't even house a football player and I can't afford all of the fuel we need. Some weeks I eat plain jelly beans on my long runs to drive the cost down.
The only problem is then I have a bag of jelly beans and nothing to do but eat them.
Have a good weekend, Dawn!

Love2Run said...

It's a good plan to eat something before your runs, especially 10 milers! You just need to find what works for you and make it part of the routine. I save the gels and stuff for long runs. Gatorade for the 10+ runs (much cheaper in powder). Keep up the good work!

Phil said...

Hi Dawn .. I always eat before I start out on a run longer than 10 miles,but don't for the shorter work outs. I'd rather eat something before all my runs, but the thought of getting up even earlier in the morning than I already do always upsets my stomach.

I agree with Mike ... save the GU for the really long runs.

DawnB said...

Susie, thank you. I wish it was that easy. I put in the miles weekly, I'm always in a training mode, So I can decide to run a race of any distance on the weekend. I live for weekend races.

Rene, Thank you. The jelly beans wouldn't last very long with the two boys and the husband(sweet tooth):) I would have to hide them :)

Mike, I learning and working it out, eating before I run seems to be going well. I will continue to use the Gu only for really long training runs. Gatorade is just part of what we are especially for the boys. I may just try the powder though. Thank you

Phil, Thank you I know what you mean about getting up early. I'm having trouble now getting out the door by 5:00. I may just grab a apple and banana some mornings. or just a bagel, or granola bar. I believe I can get away with a small cup of oatmeal every now and then.
Thanks again