Saturday, July 15, 2006

Someone is running their 1st official race

Absolutelyfit is running her first official race on Sunday please stop by and give her some good vibes to take along.

I did the Norwalk 7 miler this morning. Honestly I was not thrill with my results. Nothing seems to go right for me anymore. Really was hoping for under an hour. My official time was 1:03:49. I have now accepted fact two: 2003 will be my first and last year that I will run my best times. Have a great week. And remember to
give Absolutelyfit a little shout out today!!!

P.S. Today is Kelly's birthday!!! He is officially a teenager 13!!! Happy birthday Kelly I love you sweetie.

July 15th 2006
7 miles race (7.24Garmin) 1:03:49
2005-1:04:14 2004- 1:02:31 2003- 58:39(I'm convince I'll never achieve this again)

July 14th 2006
2.7 miles on the treadmill at gym 7.50 pace
40 mins circuit


susie said...

Happy Birthday to Kelly!

Absolutely FIT! said...

You're awesome! Thanks for the encouragement! The race went really well!