Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I did not hit the Lottery

For the 2nd year in a row I did not get into the New York City Marathon. But I'm hopefull that next year will be my lucky year. Well its of to Philly in November for me again. I ran in the rain not once but twice today. Should I be proud, no not really because the 2nd time out my two week old running shoes is ruin.

I did the XC series on Tuesday in Waveny park. I felt good although I'd ran 8 miles that morning. Before the race we were told that the course is about 2.5-2.6miles. My garmin measured 2.55 so I was really happy with my results. That is until I actually saw the posted results. The distance was changed to 2.2. My point of view if you tell a crowd of people one thing stick to it, if only to make them feel good about themselves . Deep down I do want the truth though. I guess for the first race of the series I should not be too beat up about it. Last year I did not do any of the races because of family obligations so this is kind of feeling like my first time running trails again. Well for almost 24 hours I thought I ran a great race. And that is all I will remember.( I have my garmin to prove it :)

June 7, 2006

4.89 Miles AM

5.26 miles PM

June 6, 2006

7.81 miles AM

2.52 miles PM

June 5, 2006

6.45 miles AM

4.11 miles pm

Look like I'm averaging about 10 miles per day this week :)

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Blaine Moore said...

Sorry you didn't make it in. After two or three tries you get a gaurenteed entry though, don't you?