Sunday, February 05, 2006

Forgive Me for......

not making an entry since the first, for having a crappy week again mileage wise, for missing a 10 miler with my running group whom I haven't ran with in ages, for running my long run today as an out and back, on the flattest most unrealistic course I could ever imagine in a real race, because of my crappy mileage week I felt this was the only thing I could do. And most of all forgive me for making an entry when the Super Bowl is on. Enjoy the Game.

February 5, 2006
18.6 miles

February 4, 2006
Nada :(

February 3, 2006
5.5 miles on the TT

February 2, 2006
7.2 miles

1 comment:

susie said...

But I love flat courses, which is probably why I struggle everytime I see a hill! (I fell asleep during the game:))