Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Unexpected Gym Day

Today I resorted to the gym for the first time since winter started to run on the treadmill. And I'm grateful, I was just saying to someone at the gym how lucky I've been still running out doors and that I was able to log over 60 miles last week. I hate the fact that I'm not getting in the gym for my other obsessions such as weights, elliptical and the stairmaster and believe me I'm working on a plan to get back there. I believe doing these things only makes me stronger and I look forward to getting back to them soon.

I did about 7.2 miles which wasn't too bad. Wished I had more time, I did just under 9 min miles. I sped up at times, inclined at times. I was able to get a small amount time also on circuit machines nothing to brag about. I've lost a lot of strength since this summer.

January 3, 2006
7.2 miles (treadmill)

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