Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This morning I peeked out the door, I knew what the temperature was, 32 degrees, and the road seem damp. But what it really was: a very thin layer of ice. The roads were slick through my whole run. What a challenge it was. I tried to run on grass as much as I could. This by far may be my worst running week mileage wise since winter started. Just got in a little over 5 miles

I have learned how to add a link, just figured it out. Now when I talking about somebody such as Dawn "aka" Pink lady, or, or susie I can now add their link, how wonderful it is to learn something new. And here is my favorite site, that I use for planning my weekend races Hitek

January 25, 2006
5.0 miles :(

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susie said...

Isn't technology fun?? Yeah, yesterday was slippery. I am back on the treadmill for a while:(