Tuesday, January 17, 2006


My run this morning was cautious. I took it slow, I did not get much mileage wise, but I felt good and my legs felt rested. I was very comfortable with the way I'd dressed for the 11 degrees weather I was running in. I'm really proud of myself for how dressing for the weather have become a non issue, I guess after a while you just get it. No PM run again, I'm slacking off too much. Got home late just enough time to make the 7:00 meeting at the high school. My luck the meeting was cancel because of something that happened at the school earlier today... bummer and the temp was about 37...double bummer....

January 17, 2006
5.28 miles

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susie said...

This weather is crazy! This morning is was 48 and I was WAY overdressed!! The run did not go well either. I have to get my endurance back. That's all I can say:)