Thursday, December 29, 2005

What was I thinking

I finally got some rest last night. Not totally there though. I got up at 11:00pm, and I spent about an hour looking for vacations for next year.

I was able to get out the door at about 5:55 this morning. The weather was perfect. I think it was almost 50 degrees when I hit the streets. I only needed one layer today.

I made a huge mistake, I ran a route, although one of my favorite, is not a good route to run if you can barely see two feet in front of you. The road is the type that's really only one road that they put a yellow stripe done the middle and call it a two sided road and there is absolutely no street lights. What the hell was I thinking. I ran against traffic, thank God, there were very little. The people coming at me was turning on their high beams which totally blinded me as they pass. I guess maybe they were not sure what they were seeing. Or thinking what is this crazy woman doing.

I prayed the whole time for my life and safety. The run went well and I started seeing day break at about mile 5 which made a huge difference. I'm usually good about picking the right route base on conditions but I guess I wasn't thinking on my feet this morning. Today was not much of a struggle, I guess that was replace by fear.

December 29, 2005
9.5 miles.

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