Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last run of 2005

My last run in 2005 is complete. I started out thinking I can't run too much today because I plan on doing the 5k resolution run on Sunday. When I leftthe house I said to my husband I just hope I don't get too carried away because I'm racing Sunday and I haven't race in along time. His response, "then don't". That was the end of that we kissed and I said see you in a bit.

What happened on my run was a different story. I hit the 2 mile mark of the Norwalk Half marathon right on target of my 2 mile split on my watch. I thought ok I'll just continue on the course and do the first loop then head back home. The first loop is 7 miles and if I head back home at this point I would add another 2.2 so not bad even though its a wee much before a race, yes I had a plan.

Well on my way back home it was along the way of the 1st mile of the Half marathon course. When I got down to about 1.2 miles this should have been when get off the course and head back home. Do you think that happened? I figure since I'm already at 8 miles I might as well finish the course its only 5 more miles. Yes I did the second loop and came back to the starting point of the race.

Now I had to decide do I turn around go back the the other way which is about 2 miles from my home or do I keep going along the course which is about 2.7 miles from my home. I decided to continue down the course I planned on running to mile 15 then walking the last mile. When I got to the point to turn off the course my legs almost for the 3rd time wanted to take me in the direction of the course not that I would have mind getting in a 20 miler today but I just had to force myself otherwise if I wanted to do that resolution run on Sunday. I swear sometimes my feet have a mind of their own. I'm just glad that I fought them them this time. What made matters worse was that soft, fluffy white stuff that was coming down. I felt like I was in one of those running catalogs advertising running gear for winter running.

Here's to a happy, safe, healthy New Year to all for new hopes, and dreams coming through. See you all in 2006.

December 31, 2005
16.4 Miles

2 comments: said...

The 16.6 Miles should do for good practice for the 5k run!!
I hope you can still run the 5k on Sunday!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Great job on the long one. Hope you have a great race on Sunday. All the best in 2006.