Sunday, November 20, 2005

No Marathon But

I moped all night, staying up till the wee hours of the morning watching TV and blaming myself over and over for getting lost and not getting my race packet on Saturday. This morning I got out the door at about 8:30 hardly enough time to make up for missing a marathon.

This is not the first time this happen to me, getting lost going to a race I've been two to three years in row but this was more costly. Its not like missing a 5k race.

There was a lot of things going on in my mind which I cant discus right now and you might be wondering why I was alone. I think that may have been part of it. Lets just leave it at that for now. This too shall pass and life goes on.

Well what a wonderful day to have ran a marathon. Even though I only did eight miles, I really got rid of a lot of frustrations. And I'm glad I went out I only wished I had gone out earlier and got in at least 16-18miles after all I was surpose to run a marathon today. I could have but there were no reason for me to miss church today and I got back in time to get ready for church.

November 20, 2005

8 miles


susie said...

Sounds like there was a lot going on in your life--so maybe this was meant to be. Hope everything is ok, Dawn. Don't beat yourself up about it. There will be another race.

Jank said...

These things happen - such is life.

There's always another race.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Sorry you missed your marathon. Sometimes life changes our best laid plans. We're here if you need us.