Saturday, November 05, 2005

I love watching the NYC Marathon

I'm looking forward to watching the coverage from beginning to end. I'm always so motivated after watching this particular marathon. I was just browsing the ING NYC marathon site, looking only at the Connecticut entrance data base, to see who I knew that was running tomorrow. I was shocked to see so many cancellations for this year alone and I was just looking at CT. I know that They make concession for the this. But how nice would it be for them to make so that because of all the cancellation for the current year they throw your name back in the hat and have a 2nd wave of lottery for those that did not make it the first round. It would be nice. :)

Today was splendid, what a wonderful day. I slept in then went out late morning. I even strapped on the old water bottle because I felt I might just get carried away.

November 5, 2005
12.7 miles

November 4, 2005

7.5 miles

To all running ING NYC marathon, Have fun and enjoy the day..I'll be with you every bit of the way!!! :)

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Jank said...

Thanks for the good wishes! The race was amazing.