Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Sam Elpren Half

And with that comes the closing of another Norwalk Summer Series. I believe the weather was just perfect for a half. We couldn't have ask for better weather on Saturday. I love this course because this is the area I do most of my runs. I felt pretty good Saturday morning. Had a power bar for breakfast, eat an apple and by the time the race started I finished my 16oz bottle of water. Of course there were the same people that you become so familiar with race after race.. And a few new faces and of course there were a few of the regulars missing.

Well I did feel strong the first few miles. I started fast, I could only blame it on my power bar kicking in too soon. But I haven't started out that fast in ages. I was right up there with people that normally do 6:30 to 7:oo min miles. I am pretty sure my first two miles were about 7:40-7:50. When I first started racing this is how I would start every race and end up dyeing in the end. The reason I'm not sure of my pace the first mile or so is because when I finally looked at my watch to check the time and noticed I did not quite hit the start button when the gun went off...yikes that made me made mad because I believe this could have been a nice PR for me.

Well I finished under 2:00 not my best in half. But it was a whole lot better than the last two I did this year. Which were 2:07 and 2:08 I blame these on studying for my exam and not getting enough sleep.

Sam Elpren half:
2:05:yr 02(first half)
1:51 yr 03
2:00 yr 04(studying&no sleep that week)
1:59 yr 05(getting my mojo back :) )

I completed the overall summer series 3miles, 5miles, 7miles, 9miles, 11 miles, 13.1 miles, with purdy points that placed me 3rd female age 40-49. Last year I was 2nd female overall in the age group. So I guess I should pat myself on the back. My times weren't the greatest but I'm looking forward to next year already.

The after race celebration was great. The food was great all kinds of pasta dishes from Stew's. I believe we all lingered a while just to have it last a little longer.

Well next weekend its the 30k fall Frolic. The flattest 30k you would ever want to run. Two years in a row now I've run the 30k in the morning go to church then do the Darien road race 10K that after noon, Will I do it again this Year ? Only will power will will tell... :)


Rebecca said...

Great time! I would kill for that time...


susie said...

Amazing! You should feel so good about your race. You've been running strong all summer. Congratulations, Dawn.