Thursday, September 01, 2005


I am taking a chance bloging at work. 1st day back to school and all. Things went well I was surprise. The boys were pretty good about being up and dressed and ready to go. Yesterday I had to get both to football practice and picked both up. We did not get in until about 8:00pm and I had to prepare dinner. I set the rules lets have dinner first relax and then get the backpacks, notebooks, cloths ready. Well we finished about 11:00pm which was late for them and I know they were tired from footfall practice. But this morning was not too bad. I only yelled at Kelly once :) but we got to school onetime and that's what mattered.

I am about to rush out the door now to get Kelly to practice and be prepared for Elliott to call me to pick him up. Somewhere in between this I will cook dinner.
and get a short run in.

I don't want anyone to think I do everything, my husband pick them up from school before work and most often he is the one taking them to practice. He goes to work and check in then sneaks out to get them to practice.

My run this morning felt good. I was only able to do 7 miles. I still need to get to bed by 11:00pm and I am not doing a good job sticking to that rule. I had lots of pasta last night so that may have made the difference. Maybe I should do that more often its quick and easy.

September 1st, 2005
7.5miles AM

Just got in about 30 mins ago. Yes I got all of the above done and I survived. My day is still not over.

4 Mailes PM

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