Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What a Day

Was up late this morning. Just made it to spin class. Had a great work out for about 45 mins. I really enjoyed class today. Kept my heart beat between 145-155hpm the whole time. I didn't do the cool down though had to rush home to get my son. Got back to the Y about 7:05 did a few miles on the treadmill.

I hate when I'm glued to my desk all day at work. My day was like that today. I was constantly doing, doing, doing. Barely ate lunch, ended up downing something at 2:00 probably too late for my track work out at 5:30.

Well the group didn't disowned me for being away so many times. Workout was tough for me though. Did I tell you? I'm in a group with 7 to 8 mins milers. I'm always behind them but I always stick it out. Today I did pretty well, I wasn't as for back as usual behind the group today, but at one point I wanted to quit, it was very hot and humid. I am thinking my efforts was because I did not do the full 3 miles warm up that we usually do. I got to the high school and the parking lot was shut off because of the construction. Had to find parking, by the time I got over to the park everyone was already doing their warm up. So I did what I could and got on the track.

I even got some compliments form some of the group members today. I think they were trying to boost my ego. What ever it was it did help me a bit tonight. I've been so down lately because of the slow times I'm posting. I know this will past. Since I've started adding more miles, because I wasn't getting it done during the studying period for the exam. Some mornings I wasn't even sure how I got out there on only 2 to three hours of sleep. Gees I better quit now.

July 6 AM: Spin class 45min
3 miles on treadmill
25 mins circuit weights

PM: 1.5m warm up
Speed work 3miles= 2X800 8X400

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