Friday, July 15, 2005

Happy 12th Birthday Kelly

Today is Kelly's' 12th birthday. I feel like a bad mom because I'd wanted to take some time off from work and I didn't, well couldn't because not enough people working today. Well I rushed home but still not as early as I would have liked. I hope he doesn't remember this day as "remember when you promised to take some time off on my birthday and you didn't and didn't even get home until almost six on a Friday. Deep down I know you would have been here if it was your choice mom, yes I really forgive you." I guess I'm feeling a little down today. I told my husband it was ok for him to let Kelly open his presents before I got home. We cut the cake when I got there and the real celebration began. I love you Kelly happy birthday sweetie.( he hates it when I call him this on the baseball field.

Ps. I have a lot of July birthdays this month.
all my sisters 7/8,7/25, 7/31 and of course Kelly 7/15

Thursday 7/14 AM 6.5 miles
20 mins on the bike at gym
20 min weights

Boys went fishing with Dad all
day. They claim s they did enough
walking racing that day. They caught a lot of fish.

Friday 7/15 AM

6 miles easy (7 miler race on sat)

Kelly's birthday no pm
wanted to stay home play
with games and have pizza
with dad and brother

We'll be back out there on Saturday.

PS. Did I tell you Elliott have lost about 8 pounds. I'm proud of him and I know that's what he wants.

nnnnnnnI'm proud of him

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