Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Not Easy

Last post was the 3rd wow thought once I got that damn test out of the way, I would be right on track. I do feel a lot better these days not having it on my mind constantly. But this was just another one of my many responsibilities. Sometimes I want to fly away with the birds. To be that free is wonderful. My husband works in the evenings, so most nights its me and the boys. They are both going thru finals right now one at Jr. High,(feels he don't need to study) the other at High so its been a little hectic around the house lately.

My weekly cross country summer series started today. I missed the first one. Got home, a wee bit too late almost 6. Had to prepare dinner, got sidetracked by an email from my older sons science teacher. The race would have started at 7. I'm also very upset that they are starting spring football now right in the middle of finals.

My girlfriend had one of those depressing weekends and she didn't call me. I tried to call her. I thought she went away for the weekend.

Friday 3rd
8 miles

Saturday 4th
gym 40 mins Stepper
20mins elypical
5 miles on treadmill
30min weights.

Sunday 5th
15 miles

Monday 6th
6.00 miles

Tuesday 7th
10 miles

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