Thursday, June 02, 2005

ING Marathon

I looked over entrees data base today with awe. I did put myself on the waiting list, praying to be selected by lottery, to my dismay thousand and thousand of people is on the lottery list. Will I get in I doubt it. This is my first time ever entering an application for NY Marathon. Lady luck will have to play a huge part if I get in. We will know by mid June who the lucky winners will be.

Well not much since my last post. I did run three races this past weekend. Very disapointed with my results. Well I hoping to be back on track in the next week or so.

My son won his came on saturday

Friday 5miles
Saturday 5k race& 5 miles cross country
Sunday 5k Road race
Monday 5miles race
tuesday 7.5 miles& 25mins at the gym weight training 3 miles pm
Wednesday Spin class 45min track workout 3miles warm up 3 miles speed work
2X800 6X400 2@200
I intented to have run about 8 this morning but I was stiff so I went to the
gym. Did about 35mins of weight training.

Today my son won his game. I got home from work just in time to get him to the game ontime (5:30). was there until &7:00pm. I had to rush to the Church for a committee church meeting.

Got back to the game just in time to see his team pack it up. They won 11to7

well not much more. I am not going to race this weekend. I do need a long run.which I know I need. haven't done one in a while.


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Good luck with the Lottery. That's a race I'd love to run some day as well.

susie said...

Three races? My needed a break!