Saturday, April 09, 2005


Hi all. I've been trying to start my Blog for weeks now. I thought I was going to get linked The Running Blog Family but no luck. I hope I will be able to link to them some how.
Anyway I went down to NY city to pick up my race packet for the More Marathon in Central Park on Sunday. It was a real hassle. I was lost for hours. I did finally make it just before the cut off time of 5:00pm. I left my car at the hotel parking I was back in less that 10 minutes and the man charged me 10 dollars. I was about to make a big deal about it but the man behind said I got off easy.

Well I guess you guessed I am a runner. I've been at it now since 2000 racing since 2002. I run distances 5k to marathon. I'm at a race almost every weekend. I just love it. I am a middle of the packer though. I am still trying to get faster. I believe I can be faster that is why I work at it. Well I will have more to say tomorrow its getting late and I'm running a marathon. I will tell you more about me and life on the run

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