Sunday, August 09, 2009

How the training is going

I'm pretty please with my training so far. The training started June 15th and I'm getting in the miles and slowly but surely things seems to getting into place. What I would most like to see though is my training pace drop to 9:50 to about 10:30. I'm going to start using the training assistant on my Garmin the less beep the more I'm staying in range. I sure hope I'm ready for this. Here are my weekly mileage since June 15:
6/15: 60.02 miles
6/22: 50.5 miles
6/29: 69.9 miles
7/06 : 50.1 miles
7/13: 46.4 miles
7/20: 75:4 miles
7/27: 71.2 miles
8/03: 57.40 miles

I've been to the gym quite a bit, I would say 3-4 days per week doing strength training. I started my training thinking that this time around I want to spend more time on the treadmill so I could stick to a 9:54 training run pace. that did not last very long. Before I knew it I found myself totally in love with running outside again and threw the pace idea out the window. I do add a run at least once a week per Magdelena Lewy Boulets treadmill tips . Makes me feel good that I can actually do the pace that I'm suppose to and most time faster.

I'm still racing but have not seen any real improvement in my race times but recently I do see them closer to last years times, which was not great but at least its giving me some indication that I doing better out there and feeling better.

I have been reading and hearing some great inspirational stories regarding training paces from Olympians and pro athlete of how the train at a very slow pace this have been very encouraging. One of the stories was from Running Times Nate Jenkins podcast an Olympian that did not have the typical runners body, he trained hard and never gives up and he taught me a very important lesson "never quit". Another report was from Amby Burfoot regarding watching a Kenyan training at a pace twice his racing pace, sorry could not find the article. Even Kara Goucher talk about her training buddies call her the lawn mower because her feet barely leaves the ground when she trains.

Per my last blog, I need to start speed work and doing more tempo runs my marathon pace goal is a 9:00 min pace I still need to knock about 30 secs off my current race pace of late. I'm doing 9:15 to 9:30 in longer races and closer to 9:00 ins shorter races. I had a break through 5k just yesterday in which I average 8:55 but I'm no where where I want to be so I have to keep at it, determination will get me back.

Happy running to all my peeps, have a great week. :)


Reese said...

Impressive totals. What marathon are you training for?

Kevin said...

Wow, that is awesome mileage. Ive never had totals that high. In the 70s? Thats crazy, Dawn, just crazy.

Mark said...

Awesome mileage! Things sound like they are going good!

Thomas said...

That's some impressive mileage, Dawn.

Just_because_today said...

Girl, if I had your dedication! I need to visit that gym more often for strength training.
Your training is impressive, that is a lot of miles! Enjoy it while you're at it

CTmarathoner said...

Dawn --congrats on running so well and for keeping that consistently high mileage --your race times will be closeer to your training times with that mileage. When you taper or drop your mileage for a marathon/longer race, you are going to fly! Just glad that you are running strong and healthy --i do think you should go with the higher mileage if your body can handle it:) see you at the 11 miler.

peter said...

That's a lot of miles you put in, Dawn. And those are some good tips. I ran with Amby Burfoot last week in a group run, Runner's World came to do a promo for my club in DC and we ran 5 miles on the Mall after the promo and he came along, with Bart Yasso too. It was cool.

Dusty said...

I like your new format (ok, may be old now, I fell off the blogworld earth for a bit). I am about to get my VO2 max tested, which should help me with training and getting the right times for easy (not too fast), tempo and so forth. Maybe that would be helpful for you?

bill carter said...

Hi Dawn

Look at you getting all speedy! That is a serious drop in pace. BTW, I checked out Magdalena's tips as I spend a fair amount of time on the mill as it is so much easier on this old body.

Take care!

Sunshine said...

Olympic stars are inspiring.
I thought the Tour de France bikers in July were also inspiring.

But YOU are a great inspiration, too.

Michelle said...

Wow Dawn, very impressive numbers!!!

How are you girl?