Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This morning I almost decided to run later because it started to rain as I left the house, I decided to run anyway because I might not be able to run tonight. Tonight the 5k age graded XC was cancel because of the rain, I was so looking forward to it and was disappointed when I saw the announcement.

I'm so glad I ran this morning, the drizzle of rain felt good against my skin. I didn't see the beaming sun light through the trees today but I ran anyway. I thought of many things when I ran this morning. My mind races all over the place when I run, I believe this is the only time my mind is free, free to dare think aloud.

Tomorrow is a new day, I can hardly wait to lace up again.


Love2Run said...

It's nice to see you keen to run every day. Strange to cancel a race because of rain??

Mark said...

I love to let the mind go when I run....sounds like a great run, Dawn.

runnerinsight said...

Keep on running Dawn! Try to play the song: Chariots of Fire by Vangelis while you are running and you'll be even more inspired to conquer the mountains! Keep it up! Goodluck to you! : )

Just_because_today said...

isn't running a blessing? rain or shine, it just gives us so much.
I can't believe that a race would be cancel due to rain. We hold our races no matter what.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Great post. I don't like going out into the rain, but love to run in it!

Deniz Vural said...

Hi Dawn,

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bill carter said...

Some of my all time favorite runs have been in the rain. It seem almost soothing.

Take care.

peter said...

It's great to run in the rain; to freeflow thoughts as you run (know what I'm talkin' about, ipod wearers?) and look forward to a planned run the next day.

Hua said...

Hi Dawn,

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