Saturday, April 04, 2009

Went to the Race for D.A.R.E 5k in Easton today. This is one of the only race that I've ever placed in my age group. Last year I was second in my age group. This year, I left the race in a very somber mood and still feel that way. I'm thinking a thousand things all negative (28:46). I will put this behind me and move on. I saw Kate at the race we were pretty much lined up at the start together but that was about it. Look like she had a great race, she also will be running The Danbury Half tomorrow. I also saw Richard haven't seen him in a while and Donna of course was there. Last year this time I remember leaving the race and going directly to central park to pick up my bib for the More marathon. Have a great day everybody, life goes on.

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Michelle said...

Hey you did great!!! Why so negative girlie??

Smile that you finished!!! K??