Sunday, March 15, 2009

WSSAC St. Patrick's Day Classic 4 miler

36:26 2009
34:25 2008
34:32 2007
34:47 2005
34"39 2003

Nice turn out for the Wssac St. Patricks Day Classic today.

I'm not making excuses but I did not go to bed until almost 2 this morning. My alarm went off @5:00 then my son's alarm went off @6:15 this instance I had to get out of my own bed and go to his room to turn his alarm off. Now you understand why I have to be back from my runs no later that 6:40 am during the school week. If I hadn't plan on going to church this morning because the race do not start until 11:00 I probably would have gotten in a few more ZZZZ's. But I had to get up and get to the 8:30 service. I normally attend the 10:30 service when I am not racing. I would have felt awfully guilty if I had not gone to the 8:30 service and went to the race at 11:00.

I'm having printing problems so I had to hand write the directions this morning. I left the house at about 10:15. With no intentions of wearing a jacket during the race. got to Jennings Beach at about 10:35 there were quite a few cars still flowing in at this time. About 10:45 I was getting my bib. I really would have liked a bathroom stop but the lines were too long. Needless to say the race did not start until about 11:25, last year the race did not start until 11:15. We were waiting a while and the temp seemed at least 10 degrees lower than when I left my house. I should have know better so I kept the jacket on although it would not have been one I would have worn for a race.

This is the first race of the year I felt half way decent. This was not my best time for the course but it was only 2 minutes slower than last year. I remember last year I had done a 20 miler the day before. This year it was only 13 miles. I only saw one of Blogger buds' Kate as I dashed in to get my bib. I also saw Jim Gerweck, Race Director our Boston Buildup, Summer XC series and Director of so many other local race, too many to name, Volunteering, he was collecting the strip from our bibs, this must have been his one free weekend to relax. Thank you Jim. At least after this race I was able to go to the grocery store :)

Here are my splits:

1-8:43 (wish I could have held it. my 1st mile in a race usually faster)

2-8:53(dieing early)

3-9:23(stop focusing)

4-9:15(should have pushed a little Harder)


Neese said...

nice job girl! I had to click on the link because I was sure this wasn't a 5k -- nice finish for 4 miles!

CTmarathoner said...

nice race Dawn --glad you made church and the race despite not getting to bed until 2...I missed this one as volunteered at Taconic's St. Pats 10K. BTW, I call this a good race report!

peter said...

You got your race in after all that, nice job!

rundangerously said...

great race dawn!

don mentioned that the race went off late because there was an injury during the kids mile? they had to bring in ems to treat it.

Kevin said...

good run! way to hang in there.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nice to see you back out racing. Great job!

Just_because_today said...

Damn, now I feel guilty. I have missed church in the last two weeks but I haven't missed my runs! Gotta get my priorities straight one of these days

Michelle said...

Terrific race Dawn!!

I am proud of you! Your time and pace is superb!!!