Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm really going to try to get into bed by eleven tonight so I only have fifteen mins. My week is going well:

Mon: 3 miler & Gym time
Tues: 5.3miles AM & gym time 4.14 miles pm at Gym

Remember my Wednesday night running group, I am considering going back tomorrow. I haven't been in ages. I'm a little worried about going back. I was the slowest one in the group now I'm going to be even slower. I'll just have to see how it goes.

Hope everyone week is going well.


robtherunner said...

Have no fear, Dawn! I am trying to get to bed before 11 these days as well.

Mir said...

Haha...I bet none of them run as many marathons as you do. :)

Dusty said...

Good luck with the group run. I was the slowest when I was running with the group in the next town. Now when I show up I'm with the leaders (yet they race each other which I find obnoxious) but they never thought less of me being in the back - I would just tell them to go ahead without me. They are pretty dumbfounded I'm faster now (there was a tree I was allergic to that would almost have me walking), they just thought of me as really determined back then. Don't let it bother you - like Mir said... you have more races on them and they totally would envy you if they know that!

Hope you got to bed on time!

peter said...

Sleep is good. It enables you to thereupon get up and run again.

CTmarathoner said...

so you are running 3 races this weekend? wow!! the weather should be good --if you are coming to Greenwich and running the hilly Jim Fixx, that's a workout and a half.
Maybe you will feel the strongest for that one. In any case, enjoy them.

rundangerously said...

dawn, how did the group run go?

have fun at the races this weekend! i may try to do weston on saturday.