Saturday, April 12, 2008

After the marathon , Monday I took a rest day and went to the gym, did the elliptical for about 20 mins and upper body , Tuesday I did 5 miles and felt wonderful then 30 mins weight training , Wednesday I did 3.5 miles and about 30 mins weight training Thursday another 4.5 miles and some weight training, Friday I did only 3 miles and was very tried, heavy lifting, lower body .

Today Saturday I had no race on schedule, went out about 7:30 this morning and did my first double digit of the week 10.01 miles, nice slow and easy. When I got back I still had about an hour before it was time to pick my mom up from the care center so I went to the gym and did total body weight training and biked for 25 mins.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments ,I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


rundangerously said...


how funny to find your blog via peter's (dc spinster) blogroll - and he and i found each other via tomas (tri-marathon-ironman)!

recognized you from norwalk summer series races, and marathon maniacs as well!

hope to see you at the mother's day 10k next month.


Christie said...

Dawn, you just keep going and Going and GOING.

Dusty said...

Nice job on the 10.01! Hope your Mom is well! :)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sounds like a nice week of runs and crosstraining. Good job!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

You are the ONLY person I know who could do that schedule the week after a marathon. You are just amazing.

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Dawn a Big FL congrats on ur More Marathon Race Time, Well Done!!!!

I hope ur Mom is getting better!

Just12Finish said...

My goodness, you're racking up the miles!