Sunday, May 06, 2007

RexCorp Long Island Marathon

Remember that long run that I've been missing. Well I got out there today and did it!! With thousands of people!!!What a day for a marathon the weather was perfect after about mile three, because that is when I shed the jacket. Winds were terrible I believe at least 30-40 miles winds.

I really was worried about doing this marathon as my mileage week was not up to par yes I got out there almost every day but I just did not place much effort in doing longer runs which is totally not me. I did this marathon anyway because all the motivation and inspiration I got just reading about other people adventures this past week. I felt absolutely wonderful out there and I'm feeling great right now. So thank you all for sharing your race reports!!

I really did try to get every detail of this race but really I just couldn't. I believe I just one dimensional not creative at all. Here goes nothing.

After thinking and thinking and worrying and worrying can I really do this marathon this week. My last long run was in the form of the Danbury Half April 1st this was after the More Marathon March 26th. Yes I was out most every day but I could hardly call it really training for a marathon. I may have done a 11 and a 12 miler during regular training runs and a few 5k's and 10k's. yes I went into this one with little expectations other than to finish.

Saturday I took the hour drive down to Long Island to register for the race at the sport expo!!! I wasn't even registered. But Saturday morning I was already convinced I would do the marathon. I got a little traffic jam going in but registration went well. I look around at the expo a bit. I found my first Running Skort at a reasonable price only $15.00 and it was Nike, for that price I said why not, gives me a chance to try it without the cost. This was the only one on the rack and it was a medium. I then notice a sports bra that had the slots for the heart rate monitor for only 9.99 so for whole new outfit I spent $27.00. I wish I'd bought the cliff bloks that was only $1.99 because I came back home and spent $2.50 on the packets.

The running skort fit well enough, the area around the stomach was a little roomy but wearable and the sports bra held my garmin heart rate strap perfectly. I know we shouldn't wear new cloths for a marathon but I felt so girly in my new outfit I decided this will be it for the race. Plus the skort held 4 gel nicely in the pockets + my car keys!!!.

I eat a well balance meal. The truth I've been carbo loading all week in anticipation of doing the race. Went to be by 10:00pm but was up by 1:00AM had trouble getting back to bed. My alarm went off @5:25 I wanted to leave the house by 6:00AM to get to race by 7:00 shouldn't have been difficult because every thing was laid out. I didn't leave the house until about 6:23 and I had to stop and get gas and cash for the tolls!!!

When I hit the out doors it was freezing so back in the house I added leggings and a hoody one of my favorites. which I took off at mile Three and did not even attempted to get it after the marathon!!!

I made it there in decent time about 7:10 not bad but I couldn't get into the park so I parked in the a Lott and walked about a mile to the race start. Got to the start eat the a package of Cliff bloks and drank more water took my leggings off and checked my bag.

All the races started at the same time 8:00AM the 10k, half, and full marathon some how I got in the right area. I stood there until it was time to go!!

The first 10k went good. I stop at mile 3 to remove the jacket. My 10k was about 57 to 58 mins. so I was going at a decent pace. My first 3 miles was about 8:45is then I fell about a 9:20 pace there after I was running faster at times. I really started feeling absolutely great about mile eight I just went with the flow. I drank water only for the first 16 to18 miles and this is about the time I had my first and only gu. The rest of the race was Gatorade.

The skort work well and I felt like a real girly, girl running in a skort. But I wasn't the only one. I ran quite a few ways with two women that had skorts on also but I lost them about mile 18 to 19 and there were a few way ahead of me.

This is my second time running this marathon last year I came in at 4:28 the course is not bad at all but it is all on the highway out for about 18 miles then back on the other side of the high way one rolling hill in the beginning. I couldn't imagine feeling as well as I did and I came in strong at the end. My name was once again mention as I crossed the finish line unofficial time 4:16:00?

Sunday May 6, Long Island Marathon MY OFFICIAL TIME 4:18:33


maniac hippo said...

Congratulations on another successful marathon. May you have many more.

(and I bet you lok great in the running skirt too)

olga said...

Wow, just like that, lets run a marathon:) Way to go, racer-gal! I saw that nasty along-the-highway stretch back when I lived there, and never wanted to run it, but hey, it's a marathon, right? Good job!

Dusty said...

4:16 is great! I can't get over you - no planning and wala - you clock an awesome time in a marathon again... as usual. Other bloggers may inspire you, but you inspire us too!

I wouldn't worry too much about you spell of not running distance - everything goes in phases. Sure didn't seam to hinder you. Maybe after this race you be back in the mood for it.

So cool about the race announcer!

Mir said...

Nice marathon! 4:16 is my current PR and you turned it out like it was nothing. You rock!

Thomas said...

Well, it was a weekend, I suppose. And you hadn't run a marathon in at least a fortnight. So you were well due one. I agree.

Well Done.

Morrissey said...

Congratulations on the marathon. The gusty winds on miles 17-22 was difficult eh? Good job! I think I'll be doing this race every year now.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Most people I know put more planning into going to the grocery store than you do going into a marathon. "Awe, shucks, let's just go run a marathon." Absolutely amazing! Great job. I do have one question, though...does the Energizer Bunny call you for advice? Inquiring minds want to know...

GB said...

Way to go on the marathon, Dawn! 4:16 is awesome, especially with those wind gusts. Great job!