Thursday, May 10, 2007

MY oh My today is Thursday!!

I'm having a good week. I have been out every day, but have been pretty draggy and I'm not sure why I had no affects from the marathon, I just don't feel my runs should feel like work. The evenings have been going well with Elliott . I will update our workouts later .

Happy running everyone!!!


Dusty said...

Could it be allergies? I've been feeling exhausted as well and I'm pretty sure it is allergies. I'm taking allergy medicine, but w/asthma it still hammers me. If I don't breath well, I don't sleep well and then I'm easily worn out through the day - any chance that is what you have going on?

Glad you have had a great week of running!

maniac hippo said...

I'll bow down to you.

I think the surest sign of real dedication is when you get out there even when you're feeling all "Meh!"

That being said, could it be something systemic post-marathon? Maybe a need to rest the other stuff than your legs?

OK, I'll stop being your Mom, I'm not qualified anyway.

GB said...

Dawn, you are a running animal! You just ran that great marathon, and you're still out running like it's nothing. Keep it up and enjoy! Stay healthy.

Feminist Runner said...

Congrats on a great marathon!!!