Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I think we bypassed Spring!!! This morning and I can actually say morning because when I looked out the window at 5:30AM I actually saw daylight. Today I can officially say I felt humidity at six o clock this morning and I welcomed it. I'm pretty sure how I'm going to feel in July and August so I'm will welcome it for now.

My week is going well. My older son came to me last week and said "mom I want to loose some weight"my first reaction was he is being picked on at school. But then I thought about it again, who would pick on a 6'4 255 pounder defensive tackle" "no mom its' nothing like that I want to loose weight and I want you to help me"

Well it took a week but we have started. Sunday was our official start date. I will stick with my workouts in the morning. I am going to have to make more of an effort to get to bed early so I can get out of bed and be out the door by 5:30AM now that I can. We have been faithfully working out in the evening. I'm taking it slowly. It's going to be tough especially when most evenings I have to prepare dinner and I also have a 13 year old that's acting like a real teenager and of course he don't want to work out with mom and big brother!!! I know God will guide me through this and somehow this will work.

4/22 11.43 mi @10:43 pace AM
3.5 mi @14:59 pace PM w/son
gym: 20mins elliptical/ 2X18 nautilus

4/23 8.02 mi@ 10:22 pace AM
4.5 mi 14:35 pace pm w/son (ran .50mi walked .50 for 2miles
ran 2mins walk 2mins for another 2miles walked .50 home

4/24 7.4 mi@ 10:45 pace AM felt like a slug.
my son had a track meet tonight lets call today rest day for him

I will try for a mid week medium long run


Bob Gentile said...

Northeast weather-- one big reason I ventured south 4 years ago... WHAT HAPPENED to Spring & Fall up North...it seemed to just go from COLD to HOT when I lived up there... I missed that spring weather & Fall like it was growing up... Thank goodness now I have about 7 months of spring & then HEATTTTTTTTT--lolol

Great news about ur older son, looks like Super MOM rubbed off on him! So glad he said let's loose some of this weight...keep us updated. Maybe he can start his own blog & we can cheer him on(just a thought)

Have a great week !!!

GB said...

You are so awesome to be working out with your son. It's wonderful! Don't worry much about your 13 year old. I think 13 yr olds are at the prime age for testing their parents (I don't have a 13 yr old yet, but I remember what a terror I was at that age). You're doing your best and you're right...God will see you through.

Mir said...

Hey, I found your blog through GB's. I think it's just great that your son wants your help to lose weight. I'm sure the 13-year-old will come around in a few years ;). I don't have kids, but three of my younger cousins just passed that particular milestone and I think they're driving their mom about up the wall. I'm both young enough (25) to where I can kind of relate and old enough to where I'm thinking, "Stop terrorizing your parents!" They are all girls and severely boy-crazy. :)

Feminist Runner said...

Dawn, that's so awesome about your son. I am glad you can help him out.

The weather has been crazy, and it's really tough to adjust to the heat for running. Plus the tree pollen!

Bill said...

I love that about spring up here. I still haven't written off waking up to a foot of snow yet...