Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wow what a Difference just a few degrees makes

Today was glorious. The music I heard in my head was of ice and snow melting!!!! I had a great run this morning. Because I knew daylight was near I brong my Ipod with me. I plug my ears when I was able see everything around me. I was overdressed this morning but I kept everything on. Gosh we are going to have a wonderful week.

Thank you guys for your great and welcome comments!!! I get into these pity moods at times when I need reassurance. Not sure why it happens but it happens. You guys just know how to get a girl right back on track.

The boys are doing great. Sports have slowed a bit, but I'm pretty sure baseball starts next month for Kelly. We were visiting colleges in MA & CT yesterday. We'll have to make a final decision within the next few weeks for Elliott.

I want everyone one to have a wonderful running week, enjoy!!!

2/19/07- Rest

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Feminist Runner said...

It was gorgeous out for my run this evening!
It's almost Spring!