Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Same like yesterday

Today was about the same as yesterday so I'm taking it in stride no silly post tonight. Sometimes we need to be a little silly don't we? nice release!! life on the run have its ups and down.
I went out this morning had an OK run. It was cold 26F but it felt like 19F this is what the weather report said before I went out. They were right!!!
Went to the gym tonight had about an hour, did the nautilus circuit first. Have I told you why I'm doing weights first. Because I sweat like a sow when I use the dreadmill, elliptical, and the stepper. I know I work hard on these machines but I think for the most part the gym is just too warm!!!. What happens if I do cardio first, I'm spending allot of time cleaning the nautilus machine before I move to the next one . I've never seen anyone clean them the way I do though, so the staff is very happy when I'm there.
Well that's all for tonight life goes on!!


Phil said...

You can tell the difference between 26F and 19F? Both sound awful cold to me. I have the same problem when I exercise inside. I sweat up a storm and drip everywhere. It is down right gross ... although I can honestly say that I've never come home and taken a bubble bath ... but that looked awful tempting.

Bob Gentile said...

DawnB Wrote: I've never seen anyone clean them the way I do though, so the staff is very happy when I'm there.

Hey DawnB, Last Year when I was at the GYM the Peep next to me on the Treadmill was sweating up a storm...

WHEN he was Finished, He STOPPED the Machine and WALKED OFF?

I was like "Are U kidding ME?" he then came back to work FREE Weights...

WELL I went UP to Him and said "GIVE me A break and WIPE down you Machine Please"... He was Shocked and Said "Oh I am sorry and he wiped it down"... well the Kicker is He was 6'5 at least and I am 5'10 --lol BUT I was just so Pissed of the NON-Respect for Fellow peeps I didn't care...did look around twice in the parking lot though that night--lololol ahh the nerve of some people!

OK Had to vent a bit that still gets to me a year later--haha

Take Care, Bob

Dusty said...

OK.. both are way too cold to me!!!

I'm still kicking around joining a club... Super cold inside, but so hot on the machines.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I know where you are coming from on the heat in the gym. I did 5 miles at the gym today and when I was finished I wasn't sure if I had gone running or swimming. But it's ok, my wife loves how those cloths smell...hunny? Hunny?