Sunday, October 08, 2006

Westchester County Marathon Today

The Westchester Marathon
After, I had made all my preparations for the marathon, picked out the cloths, directions, schedule for race day and just as I was going to force myself to sleep at about 9:30pm. My mom called from the Charlotte, NC airport to let me know her flight will be arriving in Laguadia, NY at 11:30PM. What could I do it was my Mom. I got to the Airport right at 11:30 PM had to waited more than an hour before her flight to arrive. We did not get to her house until about 1:30AM and I did not get into my bed until about 2:00AM!!!.

My alarm went off at 6:20. The marathon starts at 8:00AM. I left the house about 7:05. I'd wanted to leave at 6:45am. The accident that my mother and I saw on our way home at 1:30AM was still there this morning I was in a panic. 7:28Am and I was in a traffic jam. Maybe this was not meant to be today, I thought. As you guessed I did get to the race. I got there at about 7:50AM. I had to race down to the start line, they were in the middle of the National Anthem.

The weather started out great for the race, it was about 50F. This was a new marathon for me. The course was a lot of rolling hills. I felt struggle in the beginning, I blame this on my mad dash to the start. I had eaten a packet of Cliff blocks before I left the car and drank water. I only had two package of cliff blocks that I took with me. I stuffed them in the only pocket I had on my shirt.

I did the first 10k in 55 mins, I thought not bad. The turn around was at the 13 mile mark. My half was 2:01. Would you believe it was at this point I was feeling very relax. At 30K I was 2:49 my 30k race last month was 2:59 so I was really pleased about this. From there I just hung in there. At about mile 22 I was was on my second package cliff bloks. I decided at this point instead of eating them all at once I would have a treat for each mile marker I passed. This worked well. I did take gatorade at every stop they had it. And when I had the Cliff bloks I took water. I believe that I only took on GU the whole marathon that I actually used. I did take another but I later got rid of it. It was too much to hold GU and the package of Cliff bloks at the same time.

I ran my own race the whole time. There were quite a few people that passed me. I was surprised to see that I passed them back later during the race. I also passed a few new ones too. The last mile of the race was a nice down hill. Which I could not have been more thankful for. I believe I even picked It a lot at the very end(surprised even me). Yes I actually raced in at top speed when I saw the time mats.

I think by the time I ended the race the temp climb to almost 70F. But the humidity was pretty good. I noticed that my skin was very salty in the end. I walked around for a bit to stretch. Drank lots of water. I change out of my wet salty cloths, walked around some more. Then I came home. I took a long hot shower and relax for about an hour. I am still feeling great!!

My unofficial Time: 4:15: 27 and my garmin said 26.59miles (I will update when they post)
My time is official, the have posted the results.

Not my PR marathon(4:12 net) and not my worst. Last year I believe I averaged 4:24-4:34 the last 5 that I did. So in that sense I have improve. Here are my splits:

For me to BQ I need to average 8:50 the above are the splits I would like to have during my training runs.

PS: I missed Kelly's game today. They changed it from the usual starting to to 10:00AM. They won 32-0. Kelly, sweetie, I'm sorry I missed your game. Love mom


robtherunner said...

First of all congratulations on the marathon. I did not even know you were running one and reading your mileage for the week I certainly would not have guessed it.

Because I am a little crazy myself I recognize it when I see it in other people and so maybe I am qualified to call you crazy, in a good way of course. Am I getting the math right in that you ran approximately 50 miles from Monday-Saturday before the marathon? If so, you should think about ultras, multiple marathons, joining the marathon maniacs, etc.

Anyways, once again congratulations.

Feminist Runner said...

Congratulations on your marathon! You really low-keyed that, eh? You're all "Oh, btw, I ran a marathon this weekend. No biggie"
I am with Rob, you need to consider ultras! You are my recreational running hero, Dawn.

Well done, especially after the pickup, and I'm sure you are forgiven for missing the game!

Phil said...

I agree with Renee ... I just love your attitude about marathons ... puttered around the house, picked mom up at airport, ran a marathon, fixed lunch ...

Great splits. Looks like you took off pretty quick but then settled into a nice steady pace. No wonder you were passing people at the end. What a dramatic improvement over last year's average. Congratulations.