Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Recovery Run

Nothing much today. I did a nice slow, very slow :0) recovery run this morning. Temps was in the 30's when I went. I'm so glad I had my little black hoody on hand. I like my ears covered when its windy out. My run wen really well did not feel any stiffness or hurt. I'm amazed and thank full. I believe the key is to walk after long run, it does wonders for a speedier recovery. We'll see what happens tomorrow when I go out for an even longer one.

October 24, 2006

5.5 miles (recovery)


robtherunner said...

I like an active recovery as well. It is good that your body bounces back quickly after a marathon, which is probably a big reason you are successfully able to run multiple marathons without the injuries. I'm looking forward to my 50k in two weeks.

Phil said...

Great strategy Dawn.

Dusty said...

I totally agree, I think sitting gets me tighter.

A woman out here does a lot of ultras and will do this 5 mile loop either walking or joging at the same speed as a walk. Man, she just cranks them out over and over, so I think you have a good plan for recovering.

Feminist Runner said...

Nice recovery -- keeping moving is key!