Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mystic Places Marathon

Its official, I believe I qualify to become a member of Marathon Maniacs. As soon as I get a chance Rob I will send in my application:

Here are my statistics:
Marathons since my first October 2003:

Marathons year to date: 2006
5 there may be another on list for 2006

Why I belong in the Asylum:
3 marathons in three weeks

I did Mystic today: Unofficial time 4:20:15?? my garmin told me I ran 27:16 miles?

I will update when results post:

Thanks Phil for your good wishes this weekend I hope yours went well. Elliott's' team won 34-0 Friday night against Darien. Kelly's team won today also. Not sure what the official score was but it was big. Down side I missed Kelly's first touch down!!:(. Thank God he wasn't too disappointed he gave me a hug and ask how the marathon went.

Renee the top worked wonderful today. I was really happy with it. I wasn't able to test it out Friday morning because of heavy rains so I slept in :). On Saturday I tried one. I place a package of cliff bloks in each of the three pockets. I thought they would bounce back and forth on my butt. They didn't. So that convince me to where one today. The one I wore today was
more in my back and it work well also.

Mike I did it again and I'm still feeling pretty good. Here are my secrets I hope it helps someone out there Dr. Scholl's Blister Guard with arch supports and Cliff Bloks.... :)

Dusty I hope your race went well on Saturday.

I will post more on the marathon later. My forth time running this course. I think I'm crazy, how could I forget from year to year how tough some of these courses are until I'm right back on them again. Boy was I surprised today. But some how I got it done and am feeling pretty darn good.

When I got home I was so happy that my husband was home. My drive home I kept thinking he went to work, but he had today off!! I was a happy camper. I took a nice long shower, eat left over shrimp scampi with linguine I made last night. Today I had a half a glass of wine couldn't do it last night. I going to take a nap now!! I know my race reports are short but I will post a little more on the marathon.


Phil said...

Congratulations Dawn. Three 26+ mile runs in 3 weeks is a huge accomplishment. I'm still trying to get my long runs up to the 20 mile ranch, so I can appreciate this accomplishment. Can't wait for the full write up.

And congratulations to your sons. You must be very proud.

robtherunner said...

Maybe I should have told you that you had already qualified to become a Marathon Maniac with your 2 marathons in 2 weeks, but I imagine you still would have run Mystic Places.

Congratulations on a huge accomplishment. You might be crazy, but you're always welcome in the Insane Asylum. (Yes, this is a Maniac term and does not refer to Dawn's actual level of sanity)

Love2Run said...

We now have absolute proof that you are a true maniac and thinking of yet another in 2006 too! Now we all know that if you focused the effort on 'only' 2 or 3 per year the ole BQ would be a sure thing. Great work!

Feminist Runner said...

Wowza, Dawn! I am looking forward to your full, if brief, race report.

It's great about your kids! And so nice that they are supportive of your marathoning.

I hope you got some rest and thanks for the shirt review. I finally managed to get myself real tights this weekend!

Dusty said...

Congratulation on the race!!! That is really impressive how you bounced back and really kept going. I love races where you double back, even if I don't know someone. I bet the views were beautiful.

Great job!! That is so awesome!