Saturday, October 28, 2006

After the Strom

I went out after the rain died down. Late afternoon, I was over dressed so I went back into the house and changed out of my turtle neck long sleeve into a looser long sleeve. After about a mile that was too much also. I was lucky to have on a decent looking sports top underneath I stop and took my shirt off and tied it around my waist. I believe it was almost 65F when I went out. I could not believe it was so warm out, and I was actually running in a sports bra the end of October.

Today was my longest run for the week besides the marathon, I ran 11.76 miles today. My weeks start on Sundays so I ended the week today with 56.5 miles .

I'm really glad I got out today it felt good to do a longer run. I did the first 8 miles of the Norwalk half. I was dodging a lot of cars and watching out that I did not slip on leaves today. It pays to run early in the morning. I avoid a lot of traffic. My last 2 miles was when the gusty winds returned. By then I had put back on my top.

October 28th, 2006
11.76 miles @10:45

Ocober 27th, 2006
5.00 (felt quite good)

October 26th 2006
4.5 miles (still was not feeling it)

October 25th 2006
3.O (woke up late)


Phil said...

56.5 miles! That's a lot of running Dawn. What's with all the tiny pictures? I know your in there somewhere :) Don't you have anything in a larger format?

Now that you're through your marathons have you thought about what you'd like to do next. You mentioned buying Pfitz's book. I'd strongly suggest that you do. It would make a great winter program. You already have an incredible endurance base and wouldn't have any trouble startin out on one of the heavy mileage plans.

Also ... you mentioned in one of your comments that you were no good at inserting references in your comments. The way we do it is using the following construct. In order to get it to display on in post I substitute [ for < and ] for >

To insert a reference to my blog , I need only enter [a href=""]my blog[/a]

again ... you need to replace the [ with < and ] with >.

DawnB said...

Phil, you made me smile reading the first part of your comment. These tiny little pictures are the ones I'm stealing from race photographers when they send me the online order forms. I go to my races alone so I have no one to use my nice digital camera to take pictures. Lately though I'm not able to copy these into my album any more. I think some companies have found a way for us not to be able to do this.

I still do have Philly on my mind, and I've been wanting to ask you do you think it would work if I still put the miles in but concentrate on my Lactate Threshold I believe that the term you used When I said I could only hold my MP pace for the first 8 miles of the marathon and then I started losing time.

I will get the P book but I'm really worried about training through the winter. Unless we have a very mild winter I just can't trust that my traing will go well. I would have to become very good friends with the threadmill, I just can't take it much after 5 miles it kills me.

let me know your feelings towards this. You are doing great with the plan.

Feminist Runner said...

Dawn, you are the tiniest runner I know!
Crazy weather 'round these parts, eh? We had gale forced winds on the Harbor this morning, and, get this, I was EXCITED.
I love winter running!