Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not 1 but 4 Bostonites Was at the track tonight

I made it to the track tonight and on time. I needed to as I did not run this morning, took mom to the airport. And what a wonderful surprise to see all those in our group that ran Boston was there. We had Carol one of my biggest inspiration, age 60 did it in 3:50. Carol place 2nd in her age group. Jaime her third marathon of the year age 36, completed it in 3:36. Then there is Derrick, 35 with an outstanding time of 2:47 and Brian, 38 husband of Jaime with a finishing time of 2:50. I am so very proud to be associated with them and I congratulate all of them for a job well done.

I think not running this morning help a little with my workout tonight. But I did not eat well or hydrate enough throughout out the day and I felt that. We did the usual warm up through the trail. Then we did the track work. Tonight I believe I averaged about 7.45 pace for speed work.

1X800, 8X400 , 1x800

Total for today (warmup/speed wk/jog/walk between sets)= 7.10 miles

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Liam said...

I remember when I ran Boston, and everyone had the jackets, including me. All the way home, via New York, I was stopped and asked about it. There is such a "Glow" about Boston, and your friends achievements are brilliant.

I will return for April 21st 2008 - It's Boston or Bust for me.

Great work out today for you