Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nobody's Supper Woman

Rolled out of bed with one leaping bounce. da, da, da, da... Out the door in a flash da, da, da,. Did my 6.8 miles.. Another draggy one. Got home jump in the shower. On the road again, da, da, da . Drop the kid off to school and off to work I went. Worked the whole day through with not even break. Back on the road, da, da, da. Drop the kid off to baseball da, da, da. Back at home, cook the dinner, fed the one kid at home, back on the road, da, da, da, pick up the kid from practice. Back home again fed the kid. Back out the door on the road again, da, da, da. Did 4.75 miles feeling loads better than I did this morning. Because I'm a Woman, da, da, dahhhhh
April 11, 2006
6.8 miles AM
4.75 miles PM


Liam said...

Way to go Superwomen - I'm new to this Blogging game, and loving reading about the trials and tribulations of life and running, love your sense of humour. Keep on managing everything and juggling life to it's full. Boston will be beckoning before you know it.

susie said...

You are superwoman--double workouts!!