Saturday, April 15, 2006

I did the Bunny Boogie Today

And no I did not get one of the chocolate Bunnies.:(....This is a fun race 3 miles and a almost two loops. What can I say its been a challenge for me each year. The women starts 2:30mins before the men. And who wouldn't run like hell to get one of those cute little chocolate bunny as their prize!!!

This is one race I always stay after to see who get the bunnies. Then I went to the gym ran some more on the treadmill, big mistake but I did it any way. Then I did 30mins on the elliptical with arms. I also did a few sets of about 4 of the circuit weights then I decided its time to get the hell home...I have responsibilities...Don't I( like cleaning the house, and going to the grocery store after all I am cooking Easter dinner ) So I had to get back to life.

Past results:2003=24:00, 2004=25:32, 2005=25:32 , this year 2006=25:01

April 15, 2006

warmup before race

3.00 race

5.1 miles treadmill

30mins elliptical w/arms

3 sets each of 4 circuit machine starting at leg press

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