Thursday, January 05, 2006


I'm taking Ben's idea and using the date as my title when I'm really stuck on trying to think of one. This should make things easier, now I don't have to stay on one topic :).

I went to the gym this morning again. I thought it was raining much harder than it really was. So today I used the rain as my excuse to get in the gym. You would have thought I would try to get some weights in also but all I did was run. Then what little time I had left I talked.
A lot of people showed up today because the weather was not as bad as Tuesday.

I left work at 4:30 today, haven't done that in like ages. 4:30 is the end of my workday for real but I rarely leave at that time. Any way I manage to get home, hang out for a little and
then went out at about 535pm for a short run. I have not done a pm run in like ages. The evening was beautiful, just a hint of cool which makes your run ever so perfect.

January 5,2006
7.37 miles AM (treadmill)

4.2 Miles PM

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That looks like the first of May to me!!