Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not sure what I saw

Today like most mornings I quickly turned the TV on to the local weather station. I saw 36 and I thought wow I better get out there and get some extra miles in. Thru my whole 6.5 miles I could not understand why if felt so cold out there. I ran Tuesday it was 12 degrees on Wednesday it was 11. So why the heck would 36 feel worst than Tuesday and Wednesday. I took my son to school and the whole time I talked about how could today be so cold, this is how positive I was that I saw the weather correctly this morning.

I finally got to work and told someone my story. That's when I was told it was in the teens out there. I told them I watch the weather and 36 degrees. She must have thought I was totally loco.

December 15, 2005
6.52 miles

December 14, 2005
5.9 miles

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Jank said...

LOL. Was it cloudy? I've found that the days when it's just above freezing and really humid are often worse than the ones in the teens when it's dry...