Saturday, July 02, 2005

5 miler today

I did the Norwalk 5 miler today. Again, this was not my best time but I did better than I expected. It was hot and humid at 8:05 this morning when the race started. These Norwalk summer runs are known for the hills. That is why I try to include as many hills as possible on my regular runs. I still have not started hill repeats yet. I don't know what I'm waiting for. I've lost my Mojo but I'm working on getting it back. Well the next one is the 7 miler thats a pretty tough course also.

After the race I went home and changed out out of my sapping wet cloths. The funny thing it seemed as though the humidity disappeared and I headed out the door for 6 miles. I felt pretty good and I did bring a water bottle with me, it did get hot again towards the end.

I then went to the gym and really put in a good 1:15 hours on the circuit weights. I kept thinking I'm overdoing it, but I felt great. I've been thinking about squeezing in another race on Sunday but I opted not to. Would you believe I feel guilty when I don't run a race that I've ran before. Not to mention the emails I get reminding me to register.Who knows I might just wake up and decide to do it anyway its only a 5k how much can it hurt :). There are times I've raced on a Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and monday the holiday...come to think of it maybe thats why I've lost my mojo :).

I want to get in at least 13miles Sunday but this will really be slow 10:30 to 10:45 becasue I am running 4 on the 4h on Monday.

Happy 4th to all. We're going to the beach Sunday to see the fireworks. Can't wait its always so exciting.

Friday: AM: 2 miles treadmill
20 mins. Weights

PM: 3 miles walk/jog with the boys :)

Saturday: 5 mile race
6 Miles cooldown
1:15 Circuit weights

Happy 4th :)

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Susan said...

You are putting in some miles! I forgot you were in CT, too:) Hey, it's cooler now. Good running weather.