Saturday, January 09, 2010

BostonBuild Up 10K

My first race of the year was Sunday, January 3rd and let me tell you it is nothing to mention. The last few years or so I’ve been wondering can it get any worst and it looks like it has. I will not throw in the towel yet, I will wait until my second race to decide that.:). Sadly I continue on my quest because something in my heart just doesn’t go away or I am refusing to give up. This is what I am hoping that my determination will get me back to the level I know I can be. Sometimes I do wonder? My mind is playing tricks on me. Maybe I was always slow but never thought I was until everyone else is suddenly faster than me, or maybe I was always fat and never thought I was until everyone else seems skinner than me. The mind plays unbelievable tricks when you are not where you want to be.

With that note: Last Sunday was the first race of the Boston Buildup Series that I have done since 2003. I love this series because it keeps me going through the winter. Sunday was cold and windy this have never stop me in the past. I will not make excuses; this was the worst time I’ve run for this course since 2003 the 10K course is not a course to take lightly. But the most difficult part of the course for me is within the last mile of the race and within the last half mile there is a nice incline. The 10k will be the easiest course of the series so it won’t get any easier :(.

Look what time it is and I am sitting here typing I can’t keep making excuses. With that said I am going out now, God help me.

Happy Running!!


A Plain Observer said...

Dawn, you forgot to mention that Sunday was bitter cold and windy. I didn't even leave my house so you are ahead of me. Running can certainly humble us, but it also reward us. When I read you, I know exactly how you feel for I am there with every frustration and every victory

Sunshine said...

Just keep on running, Dawn.
You do well, and you are investing in your good health.
Happy New Year; Happy Running.

Dubs said...

Sorry your race wasn't what you hoped. What is your training schedule - do you get it from a program, a coach or do you just create it for yourself? Maybe a shake-up would help? Are you eating enough? Often your energy can level if you aren't eating enough.

Missed you - sorry I fell off the face of blogworld for a while. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish not approve on it. I think warm-hearted post. Especially the appellation attracted me to read the intact story.

Thomas Bussiere said...

I would train hard and still get the same results or something less. Then I reminded myself, and another friend also reminded me, that if nothing changes, then nothing changes. My training plan was the same and I was expecting different results - Some call this insane. I changed my training plan (good or bad) and started to see a difference. I do more cross training (cycling, stairclimber, eliptical), more core and weight training,take recovery shakes after hard days, and increased my weekly mileage. My tempo runs are faster and longer, and recovery runs are slower to avoid overuse. I'm really seeing a difference with my strength and speed.
If a voice inside you is telling you that you still have it, then you do. Go for it, and don't accept anything less.

Bob - said...

your time was fine Dawn, it's about my pace so stop calling me slow- haha

what? did u call me fat also :-(

Okay, let's agree to get back to some focused training and no more mind games!

We can do this, let's GOOOOOO !!

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