Monday, September 15, 2008

A Special Birthday wish to MY MOM!!! and the 3 cousin I have with the same birthday. July is a another busy birthday month for me. My 3 sisters and son Kelly's birthday is in July. September I have my son Elliott, my mom, my best friend and three cousins. That's' a salada celebrating.

Mom I love you, Hope you had a great day.

I did a recovery run on Sunday. I am glad I went out, I felt pretty stiff the whole run. I did 4.5 miles. I almost put the run off until after church I'm glad I did not, it got really got hot out there.

I took my sister to the airport. We left about 4:20AM. I really surprise myself when the alarm went off at 4:00AM and I got out of bed,(went to bed after 12:00AM) within 15 mins I was feeling pretty darn good. I kept thinking what is so different than any other morning, I wasn't going out to run!!!

I will be sure to test my theory tomorrow because I going out to run.

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