Saturday, February 18, 2006

Boston Buildup 20k

2003/2:02:25, 2004/2:00:51, 2005/2:00:51,2006/ 1:58:37

It was a bit cold and windy out today, but I completed this run regardless. Although I did better than I've done in the past, I was expecting to do better than I did today. I believe because of the great success I've had in my training runs lately I was just hoping for a better time. I'm not going to mope about this, I'm moving on and looking forward to the 25K in about two weeks. This is by all means no easy course here is the map please take a peek. The buildup series tries to replicate the Boston Marathon Course. I did not do a double course this time I'm thinking that I should have though just to have gotten it out of the way plus it looks like Sunday will be colder than today. I'll try my best to get my long run in tomorrow with God's help.

February 18, 2006

20k (12.4 miles)

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